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7 Steps in Order not to Complicate the Process of Changing Tires

7 Steps in Order not to Complicate the Process of Changing Tires - As one form of his attention to female customers, Toyota released the Guide tips how to replace car tires that are offered special womenfolk. The goal of just one, so that the machining process turn the tires not so damning womenfolk.
7 Steps in Order not to Complicate the Process of Changing Tires
Here are 7 steps in order not to complicate the process of changing tires:

You have to remember if in driving the car sometimes sudden sway, one of the tires burst or deflated. When knowing the situation, immediately pull over and Park the car in a safe place and flat. Then immediately secure car parking brake pull way in order not to advance on its own.

Chock the tires of the car with hard objects (stones and wood) if it is on the rise. When circumstances too steep could car parked diagonally. Don't forget to turn on the lamp and hazard safety triangle pairs a few meters behind the car. To maintain a safe distance at the same time notify the other riders who pass that your car is being problematic.

Before handling the equipment, wear gloves if necessary to keep the hand skin smoothness. Better if you also read the manual guide book in advance to know what kind of equipment is needed and place the equipment in a car. In general the equipment is available i.e., spare tire, Jack, and lock the wheels.

Prepare all flat and in place within easy reach. If it is not able to lift the spare tire enough slide, driven or rotated. Then open the wheel cover if present. Loosen the bolt of the wheel, rotate the bolt using the wheel lock counterclockwise, if too hard or heavy can use foot stepped on a key way to loosen the bolt.

After bolt bolt loose, plug the Jack of the car. Position the Jack in place that have been determined in accordance with the manual of travel guidebooks in order not to damage the car. Jack the car up to the raised wheel with a height that allows removing and installing the tires. After the wheel lifted, remove all of the bolts and drop the bolt above the wheel in place securely and easily affordable.

If all the bolts already regardless, car tyres can be pulled for removable. For women, the occasional car tire pretty heavy, if difficulty can ask for the help of others. Then put the ban that was already removed in place and secure. By the way, could also ban enough slide, driven or in a roll. Attach the spare tire in the right position, then reinstall bolt bolt wheels are aligned. No need to worry if the bolt has not been mounted with powerful, can be tightened after the Jack lowered.

Lower the Jack slowly until the wheels touch the ground. Tighten the bolts with the wheel rotate it clockwise using the crossing pattern. Make sure the tire is mounted with powerful. If it is still less toned could pressure using the feet. Put the damaged tires and equipment into place, the latter soon check back before entering into the car.

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Honda Civic Hatchback Turbo

Honda Civic Hatchback Turbo - PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) launched Honda Civic Hatchback Turbo in Mal Taman Anggrek, Jakarta, Friday (9/6). This revolutionary hatchback is a variant of the 10th generation of the Honda Civic that has previously been introduced in Indonesia in 2016 and then through the luxurious version. Carrying the theme "Drive Sexiness" Honda Civic Hatchback comes with an aggressive new exterior design as well as supported a sporty driving performance.
Honda Civic Hatchback Turbo
The 10th generation of the Honda Civic has achieved total sales of 670,138 units in 2016 and then around the world. Meanwhile, Honda Civic Hatchback himself has won the prestigious award worldwide, including Auto Trader Top Pick 2017 in Canada, Compact Car of The Year from auto in Canada, Best Buy Award Overall Winner 2017 from Kelley Blue Book in the United States, Automobile All Stars 2017 in United States as well as Fox Business Top Car in United States as well as from 2017 Compact Car of The Year 2017 in Spain.

"Through the launch of the Honda Civic Hatchback, we want to bring back the glory of the Honda hatchback model that already has a reputation worldwide as a sporty car with a powerful engine. In Indonesia alone, Honda Civic Hatchback is a pioneer Honda sales since 1973, and now comes with a new look and sophisticated technology, "said Takehiro Watanabe President Director of HPM, on the sidelines of the event.

Meanwhile, Jonfis Fandy, Marketing Director of After Sales Service & HPM explains, "the segment hatchback is one market that continues to have great potential in Indonesia. The presence of Honda Civic Hatchback will open up a new market for upscale hatchback and gives interesting options for consumers who want a stylish hatchback car at once high performance and leading edge technology. "

The Concept Of Development
Honda Civic Hatchback was developed with three main pillars, namely "Charismatic", "Soulful" and "Comfortable." The concept of "Charismatic" refers to the design and packaging design that produces a premium exterior and interior, with the concept of "maximize Man Maximum Machine Minimum" for added ride comfort.

As for the concept of "Soulful" is the basic concept for Honda Civic Hatchback performance that brings the new engine, a new platform, as well as a sense that the more sporty drive. While the concept of "Comfortable" represent the various features and advanced technology, which makes it easy to "interface" driver and machines, as well as increase the level of safety. Any such development confirms the dominance of Honda Civic Hatchback in terms of design, comfort, technology, performance and safety.

According to Hiroshi Ito, New Civic Assistant Project Leader Honda Motor Corp., exterior Honda Civic Hatchback was developed with the concept of "Extremely Sporty Design With Innovative Silhouette" that is visible from the display of the sporty design, revolutionary and advanced in every part of it. Honda Civic Hatchback front bumper design featuring a sporty and aggressive, and equipped with Full LED Headlight for variant E and Projector Headlamp for variants of the S.

The entire variant also features LED Daytime Running Light (DRL) on the front, which is integrated with the luxurious and sporty grille. Adding LED Fog Lamp and Side Position Lamp takes part adds a sporty impression on the side while enhancing safety while driving.

On the back, Rear Combination Lamp and LED Light Bars with a tapered design in the corner adds a sporty impression. Dual Exhaust Pipes which increases the efficiency of the release of gas emissions, so the more powerful engine performance and maximum. Meanwhile, alloy wheels 17 "using design to improve racing performance drive.

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How to Modify Motor Scorpio became a Japstyle

How to Modify Motor Scorpio became a Japstyle - Trending modification classic style indeed again booming later. In addition to the trend's La Honda CB's lively in many areas, modification like Japstyle also was unable to say the least. The concept of japstyle put forward on the side of the foot legs that look sturdy.

Elegant yet classic look can emanated from the style modifications that come from Japan. Of the many types of motorcycles, Yamaha Scorpio Z is the most widely used. This is because Jenson button that supports as well as a large-capacity engine i.e. cc 215. with a large engine, Scorpio Japstyle be more dashing.
How to Modify Motor Scorpio became a Japstyle
As I mentioned above, japstyle is a modification of the flow that comes from the land of the rising sun. As the name implies is a japstyle short of Japannese Style. The flow of this modification already existed in Japan since the 80 's. Then the trend's in Japan indeed follow style motor ever launched in Europe as well as in such type of Amerikca Cafe Racer, Scambler or Flat Tracker. However, because the Japanese are not the results of modification called allusion, and so show brat style which originated from a workshop named Brat.

How to modify motor scorpio so japstyle is arguably simpler, just need some revision. The provisioning component factory removed all but a skeleton and engine. Then be replaced with a custom part for displaying the concept of Japstyle. The following steps steps you should do How To Modify Motor Scorpio So Japstyle:

1. Order
To change the japstyle, so the first thing to repair is the sector's order. The aft section of the order needs to be dipapras and then trimmed back. To desist and certainly should be brought to the workshop of las. Revision of This needs to be done because the use of a shorter custom upholstery.

2. Wheel rims and tires
The concept of japstyle put forward sector feet seen sturdier. For that wheel rims and tires factory default is not used anymore. Instead aluminum rims size can select 135-450 ring 17 on the back and 135-400 ring 17 to the front.

3. shockbreaker front and back
The use of a more gambot tires, making the original front shockbreaker cannot be installed. So it could use with aftermarket segment airs more width or can use the shockbreaker future belongs to fz16. Whereas for the tow, mono shock model was replaced with a double shock here with that arm. Swing arm must be replaced more width so that the ban can be entered as well as for the installation of a double shock.

4. "the shirt" aftermarket
After completion of the Affairs of the feet, like this turn replace "dress" the Scorpion. Starting from spatboar, the tank and side cover is replaced with the product after the market made from galvanized plate. In order to be more frugal can find that one package and it has been painted. You do not have to do paint again.

5. Light lamp
Lastly, to beautify the appearance of the japstyle, all lights off lights default. Replace with the following round headlamp with a light sein. In addition other accessories also need embedded like a rear view mirror and also custom exhaust.

How to make modifications to the Motor So this Japstyle Scorpio. But to do a revision of the budget required is not the least bit especially if wanting a quality aftermarket products. Cost ranges between Rp 3 million to Rp 8 million depending on aftermarket products that will you use.

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8 Tips for driving a car that Actually Make Women

8 Tips for driving a car that Actually Make Women - Driving is the thing that the usual done by almost everyone who has had a DRIVER'S output traffic police. Actually there is no difference between the driver's fundamental a man and a woman. It's good, consider some tips for women drivers, so that potential accidents can be minimize.
8 Tips for driving a car that Actually Make Women
Women Make Up
The driver should be ready if the woman wants to go out and be active, so as not to drive while dressed up in the vehicle. For example, using lipstick, mascara, eye shadow and others. With these objects, can potentially make the process of driving became unfocused and tended to endanger other road users and yourself.

Women's Equipment
Some equipment bags and makeup should not be stretched in the driver's side seat scattered about, because it is very risky, because the stuff is easy to move when the vehicle is also in conditions of motion.
High heels Shoe then should not be used at the time was driving, because it could interfere with the reaction and reflexes when driving. If it should be removed, locate the legroom high heels side or rear legroom, as the driver must be clean of goods that are easy to move.

Interior Accessories
For the driver of a women who likes stuffed stuff (dolls, trinkets) that often placed in dashboard, you'd better think twice to put it. Make sure that these items do not interfere with the communication process, look out of the vehicle, blind spot, while driving. Specific to the windscreen and dashboard must be clean of knick knacks stuff as well as stickers.

Glass Film
There is an assumption that dark film will help security of women drivers into the crimes of others. There is a point when time is unconventional. But, whether with glass film too dark, the driver of a woman able to look out at the time of the night? Especially if the glass front join the darkness as well. We recommend that you use the film in accordance with the capabilities of our visibility.

Toenails and long
Women drivers could not grip the grip steer correctly if you have long nails excessively. For the driver, this habit is very dangerous, because it indirectly the driver's hand slip against steer is enormous.

Driving Extra carefully
Rarely is there a female driver drove the vehicle at high speed. Women drivers are more likely to very careful in driving. But it should be understood, driving should conform to safety norms. For example, adjust the speed of up to 60 km/h while driving on the left, not while playing phone, turn on the lights sign 10 seconds before turning or switching lanes, and eyes are always moving ahead and look around the vehicle (informer) every two seconds.

Keep A Safe Distance
The condition of the city of Jakarta which is always jammed, making a motion of space vehicles is increasingly limited. Well at the moment of standstill, in order to avoid crime, make it a habit to make a safe distance between cars with vehicles in front of him. The goal is to have a back and forth motion space if there is intimidation or provocation.

Understand & Well-maintained
It is important for women to know the driver's condition is her vehicle. What should be checked every day? Note the water conditions, water radiator, accu water wiper, brake oil, engine oil (anyway the liquid in the machine). Quiet, does not need to be held, only seen in the side wall of her course, so our hands are not dirty. And that is not less important is to check conditions and wind pressure tire

Lack of wind pressure will destabilize the vehicle in maneuver. A lack of wind can also damage the car tires, even when the conditions of speed above average in hot weather, can potentially make the tire burst. So tips for women drivers, may useful for you.

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5 Tips for Driving When Visibility is limited

5 Tips for Driving When Visibility is limited - When we drove the vehicle for her daily activities, sometimes we are faced on the condition of the rain or the misty weather. A result is the visibility becomes limited. Drive in limited visibility conditions can indeed harm. But if you are faced with an urgent reason, then had no choice but to continue the journey.
5 Tips for Driving When Visibility is limited
May only proceed if you still feel safe. However, if the condition is severe or the more visibility the more short, preferably immediately looking for a safe place to stop and waiting for weather conditions to improve. To that end, there are several things to be aware of, such as:

1. make sure the glass is always Cleaner
Make sure your car's front window glass cleaner before cars are used. You should also clean the side-view mirror before leaving to minimize accidents. Strive increase visibility around the vehicle, by cleaning the entire glass window.

2. use the corresponding Lamp
Things to note when visibility is limited do not turn on the lights away, because only will worsen visibility. The reason, fog lamps reflect light instead of the car. Fog lamps (fog lamp) can also be activated, but only if the visibility below 100 meters. Don't forget to turn off again if the visibility has improved.

3. use the Wiper Fluid
Try to clean with liquid soap special (washer fluid) then turn on the wipers with a slow setting. Liquid cleaners can also reduce or eliminate dust particles in glass.

4. Be alert with Pedestrians
If the path passes roughly many pedestrians, slow down the rate of vehicle to find out their position, and always keep a safe distance.

5. Stop in a safe place
If the condition is severe and you the more forced to stop, look for a place where other riders easily see our position. Moreover, if you have to stop on the shoulder of the road. Make sure the hazard lamps also lit up when it stops, so that the rear of the vehicle know your position.

Not only that, there are also 5 tips provided police when driving a car. Among them the following:
The following complete tips excerpted from the National Police Headquarters public relations Facebook page:

1. Do the initial examination of the vehicle prior to engine start include checking the indicator light, body condition, wind pressure tires, inspection of the bottom to check for leakage of fuel oil, including oil brakes.

2. The weight of the load in the car can also affect fuel consumption. It is a good idea to remove the unnecessary stuff from the car. If there is a roof rack on the car and not being used should preferably be removed. However, if you use them to bring goods should drive with low speed in order to avoid falling over stuff.

3. Be sure to use the safety belt (safety belt) and don't forget mengencangkannya. Because it can protect the user from injury more severe at the time of the accident. How to wear a safety belt properly i.e. silangkan safety belt from the shoulder to the hip bones cause the bones second most solidly in the human body.

4. adjust the position of the rear view mirror and side in so the driver can see all angles optimally. Because, every car must have the blind spot area (areas that are not visible to the driver), we recommend that you do a head check or menengokkan head for a moment before moving the line or turning.

5. for this fifth point concerns the mastery of steering wheel. The ideal position of holding a steering wheel, position the hands are in position 3 and 9 because it is secure, in case of accident air bags (air pockets) will expand between both hands. In addition, it can turn on the lights or turn lever wiper with a finger instead of by hand.

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How To Make A Car The More Energetic

How To Make A Car The More Energetic - As technology advances, the current myriad enhancements to increase the power of the engine on the vehicle. By adding air compressor on the engine then the power output generated will be greater. This can be achieved naturally by using what's called a turbocharger.
How To Make A Car The More Energetic
World oil fuel prices continue to fluctuate, making many parties have to rotate the brain to adjust to these circumstances. If in Indonesia, the Government keeps working to suppress the consumption of subsidized fuels, there are actually other ways to cope with the turmoil of the world fuel prices, one of them with how to use hybrid cars or hybrids. Nissan Lovers, what is a hybrid car and what are the advantages possessed by this car?

Work process centrifugal compressor is a turbocharger get impulse turbines are a source of motion derived from the rest of the exhaust gases of the engine. Turbocharger is mounted on an internal combustion engine that adds functionality to a large air flow into the combustion chamber of the engine.

Well, it has been almost 50 years turbochargers are designed for a machine with a large capacity, late 1950s, Garret turbocharger began to develop which can be used on small-capacity engines, such as the engine of the vehicle passengers.

The Garrett brand is one of the savory products manufacturer Honeywell, then known as the innovator of the most reliable turbocharger, where they begin to pay attention to the technology it deeply up on technology metalurgir. I.e innovations seal with good ability, centrifugal and turbine radial angle of turbine compressor.

In the Affairs of the turbocharger to increase engine performance vehicles, in fact, the Garret Turbocharger being the preferred choice. Most car manufacturers and the leading racing teams such as CART, World Rally, American Le Mans, the 24 Hours of Le Mans and Pikes Peak. Upon the success of some of the world's automobile manufacturers began to market glance Garret Turbo Charger.

While the bulk of the car manufacturers ranging from Audi, BMW, Daimler, Chrysler, Fiat, Ford, Peugeot, Renault, Saab, Volkswagen to international Truck Corporation has become an icon of design of Garrett. Up to now, Garrett has been putting the company name turbocharger with predicate satisfactory in the eyes of the world racing enthusiast.

Garrett currently continues to work with turbo technology and systems up-to-date air settings specific to modern machines. As much as 30,000 turbochargers in the every day has been produced by Honeywell. Arguably most products labeled Garrett turbochargers is widely produced for racing vehicles and modifications in parts of Europe and the United States.

Armed with such a portfolio, PT Indonesia, Honeywell Garrett turbochargers are can device optimistic absorbed aftermarket components market in the country. Moreover, the turbo device being marketed now, the third generation, which means in terms of material used the more powerful power so it has high durability, even up to 100,000 km without the need for any treatment. So if you want to increase your vehicle's horsepower and torque without sacrificing fuel consumption, Garrett turbochargers could be an option.

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Four reasons do not need to Activate the Parking Brake at a red light

Four reasons do not need to Activate the Parking Brake at a red light - One of the problems that frequently arise on traffic in major cities of Indonesia is the bottleneck. In fact, a lot of congestion gives rise to such negative things: making the driver quickly tired, unfocused, less wary of aggressive & emotionally. Take the example of when drivers are at the traffic light. Most of us, taking advantage of the moment the lights glowing red at an intersection, as a place of rest for a moment. The question is, is it safe?
Four reasons do not need to Activate the Parking Brake at a red light
Actually, crossing the red light has the potential danger of accident, whether passing or when the vehicle is in a position to stop & waiting lights on green. Unfortunately many drivers less understand and implement wait, streching legs hand, play phone &, chat and work overload. Remember, it means you have let go of responsibility as the driver though for a moment. Legitimate, but keep in mind, there are some things to watch out for so that the risk of accidents can be minimize.

There are four reasons why not activate the Parking Brake at a red light:

The back light is not lit up vehicles.
At the time was at a red light, then the Parking Brake is activated, then the back light car not a flame. So the driver must step on the pedal the Service Brake (brake distance) and automatically car taillights will turn on (red), it would help inform or communicate with the driver behind him that the vehicles were stopped.

Less able to dampen clash
Anticipating clash of the vehicles coming from the rear of the vehicle into another lane. The driver must concentrate set clash coming. Such collisions can be arranged with service brake (brake distance). So that the risk of injury to passengers and the effects of broken on vehicles not more severe.

Not a place to rest
Understand that even though the vehicle stopped at a red light, but it is not a place for rest. By activating the Parking Brake, the driver is already a little leave alert to relax. So if there is a danger that comes along, the driver less ready fight it.

Parking Brake is a brake for parking
This work helped brake the vehicle so that it is not moving at the time of parking, so ideally do not turn on when the vehicle is stopped at a red light. The wrong habits and behavior will occur continuously when we don't understand and are aware of that point. The decision does not turn on or activate the parking brake is on the driver, but for the driver's safety and orientation are the responsibility, then the above four things must be considered.

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