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5 Tips for Driving When Visibility is limited

5 Tips for Driving When Visibility is limited - When we drove the vehicle for her daily activities, sometimes we are faced on the condition of the rain or the misty weather. A result is the visibility becomes limited. Drive in limited visibility conditions can indeed harm. But if you are faced with an urgent reason, then had no choice but to continue the journey.

5 Tips for Driving When Visibility is limited
May only proceed if you still feel safe. However, if the condition is severe or the more visibility the more short, preferably immediately looking for a safe place to stop and waiting for weather conditions to improve. To that end, there are several things to be aware of, such as:

1. make sure the glass is always Cleaner
Make sure your car's front window glass cleaner before cars are used. You should also clean the side-view mirror before leaving to minimize accidents. Strive increase visibility around the vehicle, by cleaning the entire glass window.

2. use the corresponding Lamp
Things to note when visibility is limited do not turn on the lights away, because only will worsen visibility. The reason, fog lamps reflect light instead of the car. Fog lamps (fog lamp) can also be activated, but only if the visibility below 100 meters. Don't forget to turn off again if the visibility has improved.

3. use the Wiper Fluid
Try to clean with liquid soap special (washer fluid) then turn on the wipers with a slow setting. Liquid cleaners can also reduce or eliminate dust particles in glass.

4. Be alert with Pedestrians
If the path passes roughly many pedestrians, slow down the rate of vehicle to find out their position, and always keep a safe distance.

5. Stop in a safe place
If the condition is severe and you the more forced to stop, look for a place where other riders easily see our position. Moreover, if you have to stop on the shoulder of the road. Make sure the hazard lamps also lit up when it stops, so that the rear of the vehicle know your position.

Not only that, there are also 5 tips provided police when driving a car. Among them the following:
The following complete tips excerpted from the National Police Headquarters public relations Facebook page:

1. Do the initial examination of the vehicle prior to engine start include checking the indicator light, body condition, wind pressure tires, inspection of the bottom to check for leakage of fuel oil, including oil brakes.

2. The weight of the load in the car can also affect fuel consumption. It is a good idea to remove the unnecessary stuff from the car. If there is a roof rack on the car and not being used should preferably be removed. However, if you use them to bring goods should drive with low speed in order to avoid falling over stuff.

3. Be sure to use the safety belt (safety belt) and don't forget mengencangkannya. Because it can protect the user from injury more severe at the time of the accident. How to wear a safety belt properly i.e. silangkan safety belt from the shoulder to the hip bones cause the bones second most solidly in the human body.

4. adjust the position of the rear view mirror and side in so the driver can see all angles optimally. Because, every car must have the blind spot area (areas that are not visible to the driver), we recommend that you do a head check or menengokkan head for a moment before moving the line or turning.

5. for this fifth point concerns the mastery of steering wheel. The ideal position of holding a steering wheel, position the hands are in position 3 and 9 because it is secure, in case of accident air bags (air pockets) will expand between both hands. In addition, it can turn on the lights or turn lever wiper with a finger instead of by hand.

That's about 5 Tips for Driving When Visibility is limited. Thank you.

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