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8 Tips for driving a car that Actually Make Women

8 Tips for driving a car that Actually Make Women - Driving is the thing that the usual done by almost everyone who has had a DRIVER'S output traffic police. Actually there is no difference between the driver's fundamental a man and a woman. It's good, consider some tips for women drivers, so that potential accidents can be minimize.

8 Tips for driving a car that Actually Make Women
Women Make Up
The driver should be ready if the woman wants to go out and be active, so as not to drive while dressed up in the vehicle. For example, using lipstick, mascara, eye shadow and others. With these objects, can potentially make the process of driving became unfocused and tended to endanger other road users and yourself.

Women's Equipment
Some equipment bags and makeup should not be stretched in the driver's side seat scattered about, because it is very risky, because the stuff is easy to move when the vehicle is also in conditions of motion.
High heels Shoe then should not be used at the time was driving, because it could interfere with the reaction and reflexes when driving. If it should be removed, locate the legroom high heels side or rear legroom, as the driver must be clean of goods that are easy to move.

Interior Accessories
For the driver of a women who likes stuffed stuff (dolls, trinkets) that often placed in dashboard, you'd better think twice to put it. Make sure that these items do not interfere with the communication process, look out of the vehicle, blind spot, while driving. Specific to the windscreen and dashboard must be clean of knick knacks stuff as well as stickers.

Glass Film
There is an assumption that dark film will help security of women drivers into the crimes of others. There is a point when time is unconventional. But, whether with glass film too dark, the driver of a woman able to look out at the time of the night? Especially if the glass front join the darkness as well. We recommend that you use the film in accordance with the capabilities of our visibility.

Toenails and long
Women drivers could not grip the grip steer correctly if you have long nails excessively. For the driver, this habit is very dangerous, because it indirectly the driver's hand slip against steer is enormous.

Driving Extra carefully
Rarely is there a female driver drove the vehicle at high speed. Women drivers are more likely to very careful in driving. But it should be understood, driving should conform to safety norms. For example, adjust the speed of up to 60 km/h while driving on the left, not while playing phone, turn on the lights sign 10 seconds before turning or switching lanes, and eyes are always moving ahead and look around the vehicle (informer) every two seconds.

Keep A Safe Distance
The condition of the city of Jakarta which is always jammed, making a motion of space vehicles is increasingly limited. Well at the moment of standstill, in order to avoid crime, make it a habit to make a safe distance between cars with vehicles in front of him. The goal is to have a back and forth motion space if there is intimidation or provocation.

Understand & Well-maintained
It is important for women to know the driver's condition is her vehicle. What should be checked every day? Note the water conditions, water radiator, accu water wiper, brake oil, engine oil (anyway the liquid in the machine). Quiet, does not need to be held, only seen in the side wall of her course, so our hands are not dirty. And that is not less important is to check conditions and wind pressure tire

Lack of wind pressure will destabilize the vehicle in maneuver. A lack of wind can also damage the car tires, even when the conditions of speed above average in hot weather, can potentially make the tire burst. So tips for women drivers, may useful for you.

That's about 8 Tips for driving a car that Actually Make Women. Thank you.

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