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Four reasons do not need to Activate the Parking Brake at a red light

Four reasons do not need to Activate the Parking Brake at a red light - One of the problems that frequently arise on traffic in major cities of Indonesia is the bottleneck. In fact, a lot of congestion gives rise to such negative things: making the driver quickly tired, unfocused, less wary of aggressive & emotionally. Take the example of when drivers are at the traffic light. Most of us, taking advantage of the moment the lights glowing red at an intersection, as a place of rest for a moment. The question is, is it safe?

Four reasons do not need to Activate the Parking Brake at a red light
Actually, crossing the red light has the potential danger of accident, whether passing or when the vehicle is in a position to stop & waiting lights on green. Unfortunately many drivers less understand and implement wait, streching legs hand, play phone &, chat and work overload. Remember, it means you have let go of responsibility as the driver though for a moment. Legitimate, but keep in mind, there are some things to watch out for so that the risk of accidents can be minimize.

There are four reasons why not activate the Parking Brake at a red light:

The back light is not lit up vehicles.
At the time was at a red light, then the Parking Brake is activated, then the back light car not a flame. So the driver must step on the pedal the Service Brake (brake distance) and automatically car taillights will turn on (red), it would help inform or communicate with the driver behind him that the vehicles were stopped.

Less able to dampen clash
Anticipating clash of the vehicles coming from the rear of the vehicle into another lane. The driver must concentrate set clash coming. Such collisions can be arranged with service brake (brake distance). So that the risk of injury to passengers and the effects of broken on vehicles not more severe.

Not a place to rest
Understand that even though the vehicle stopped at a red light, but it is not a place for rest. By activating the Parking Brake, the driver is already a little leave alert to relax. So if there is a danger that comes along, the driver less ready fight it.

Parking Brake is a brake for parking
This work helped brake the vehicle so that it is not moving at the time of parking, so ideally do not turn on when the vehicle is stopped at a red light. The wrong habits and behavior will occur continuously when we don't understand and are aware of that point. The decision does not turn on or activate the parking brake is on the driver, but for the driver's safety and orientation are the responsibility, then the above four things must be considered.

That's about Four reasons do not need to Activate the Parking Brake at a red light. Hope can useful for you. And do not forget to always visiting this blog who have many information about automotive.

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