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Seven Important Things When Driving While Fasting

Seven Important Things When Driving While Fasting - Driving is an activity that requires high concentration. And, what we run when the drive is a behavior that can be formed. Let alone running the car was not merely the ability of the technique though it is very basic. In driving, a person must also have the expertise to understand and adapt to the State of the environment.

Seven Important Things When Driving While Fasting
Especially when talking about driving a time of fasting. If the hold is not supernatural already hungry and withstand the lust is heavy when it lacks energy. Psychologically, these circumstances also affect the workings of the human brain. When a physical shortage of intake, of course someone is going to be difficult to use her brain, and could eventually cause mounting emotional pressure. Seven Important Things When Driving While Fasting:

Psychic conditions strongly influenced the behaviour of the drive. In fact, these factors which became the base of self control to be able to understand the road conditions. Here we provide brief steps to be psychologically stable and good driving by when fasting.

1. Prepare since the month of Ramadan has not arrived. If you can, your condition to eat small portions and try driving a car. It's good to get a feel for how psychic energy when food intake to a physically diminished.

2. Select the fittest time to begin the journey. However, the everyday life of a living person may require scheduled to depart with a certain amount of time. Actually most appropriate indeed drive early in the morning at 9:00 am to 06-00. In that time, we still have a reserve of energy obtained from the Suhoor. The more we leave in the morning, the more stable our psychic conditions on the highway.

3. remember when fasting was also holding worship lust. Thus, stabilize your emotions when driving. Especially when driving in the hours prone. Such as noon 12.00 until 15.00. or the hours approaching the open, starting at 17.00. At the moment, we will certainly be more feel the thirst and to make the level of emotional distress is controlled because of fatigue. While at near open, humane if we've been impatient want to quickly get to the House and breaking the fast. Therefore, create the circumstances as pleasant as possible such as regulating air temperature and maintain the cleanliness of car interiors.

4. If necessary, take advantage of the audio device to provide driving pleasure. Indeed everyone has different when driving the vehicle. But subconsciously, music can calm the emotions of a person and of course our favorite select music. If it does not interfere with your concentration, take advantage of the audio device in the car when driving. The song that comes up can make forget of difficult road conditions. Whether it's congestion, air, or other drivers who are inconsiderate.

5. That is not less important is to understand the physical condition. How already emphasized above if physical energy affect the psychic energy. Here, we should know the condition of the body. When it proved indeed unwell, try to avoid driving activities while fasting. Psychologically, this will be very fatal consequences when imposed as it causes accidents.

6. Adequate rest also be mandatory before you decide to travel. Lack of sleep or too tired because a lot of activity takes part also causing unstable emotions. Let the brain rest properly because the fast had already caused heavy brain work than when not fasting.

7. From the psychic, aim for enjoy  maybe when driving. Consider this activity as a habit that must be lived. Take advantage of the quiet to keep the mind can concentrate.

That's Seven Important Things When Driving While Fasting. Hope can useful for you. thank you.

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