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Tips on taking care of the back door with the Tire Hanger

Tips on taking care of the back door with the Tire Hanger - some cars sold in Indonesia third tire put position, placed at the back door. Like the Toyota Rush, Daihatsu Terios, Ford Ecosport Ford Everest or first generation.

Tips on taking care of the back door with the Tire Hanger
In fact, in the construction of the factory was already designing the door so strongly placed third tire standard size. It's just that, because it has loads of course over the use, the door can have constraints.

One of the obstacles that often arises is the door that is not smoothly so opened. Some cases also, for cars that do not use standard size tires or ever experienced a clash there is a tendency of the door being down.

"Actually if there is no clash or external factors will not happen deformation," open Yuta Obed Panjaitan, head of the workshop Auto2000, Sukun, Malang, East Java.

But preferably before it happens, there are treatments that need to be done in order for car users things above could be resolved. For example, doing light maintenance you can do yourself at home, or ask for help in the workshop mechanic service subscriptions.

Still according to Obed companion calls, "actually, there is no special treatment. It's just that with the additional load, it needs lubrication in hinges its doors just to keep the work function hinges remain optimal, "he added.

The way the treatment is quite easy, first clean the grime-dirt that is on the hinge. You can use fluid penetran. So too with the latch and striker. If necessary, use a small brush so that the dirt could be lost. The next step can be dried using a clean rag.

Treatments hadn't got there. To keep the hinges fixed to work optimally, we recommend that you use grease (grease) on hinges-hinge doors. "It could also use spray grease, because it can go up to the narrow gaps," he said.

Obed added, "Actually it could be only liquid penetran, as have the function of preventing corrosion. It's just that with a spray grease its strength would be more durable, "he explained again.

Buttons of doors (latch) also need maintenance, especially on the part of the bolt corrosion occurs often because often come into contact with water. For this section, if it is rusted fast clean with liquid penetran. It's good also immediately replaced on the bolt because when left in time, corrosion will complicate opening of bolts if needed.

That is no less important for the cars that use the tire hanger, you should note the rubber stopper that function well so that the door is always in a normal position. Note the condition of the rubber. When already brittle, it quickly replaced so that when the back door is closed, the position of the door is always in the correct position.

In essence, as long as the back door had never experienced the clash, third tire still uses standard size tire, simply do a mild treatment such as that already we tell over so that its performance remain the maximum. It's good also do care about six months.

That's about Tips on taking care of the back door with the Tire Hanger. Thank you.

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