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Tips To Optimize Your Audio Device Honda HR-V

Tips To Optimize Your Audio Device Honda HR-V - Honda HR-V model Crossover Utility Vehicle (CUV) first Honda in Indonesia which was first introduced in Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2014. As one of the leading edge model Honda sales, they offer Honda HR-V with many features, including live entertainment features (audio) qualified. As if the audio quality is manifested? To prove the ability of ear Honda HR-V 1.8 Prestige, we took him to the Mobiltronik Installer Afung, in Beautiful Metro JL. Raya Block A3 No. 12-14 Sunter, North Jakarta.

Tips To Optimize Your Audio Device Honda HR-V
On the highest HR-V variant, has immersed Head Unit (HU) Kenwood DDX type 7035BT, who was the HU double-DIN DVD Multimedia AV Receiver equipped LED screen 7 inch VGA Touch Display as the central control of a variety of entertainment in the car. The audio device using Advanced Audio Video System that is compatible with various formats music through media such as AM/FM radio, CD/DVD Player, MP3/WMA, iPod/iPhone/Android, USB Port and an HDMI Port in the glove box, and can be connected with an application for Streaming Radio AUPEO are there in a smartphone.

Special features they possess audio sector i.e. There are seven band equalizer, subwoofer output, select speakers, subwoofer level, digital sound processor, speaker positioning, digital time alignment, display off mode, back up camera input as well as a drive to improve the zer equali fre kuensi is low when the vehicle is moving. "There is a menu of drives to improve lower-frequency equalizer as compensation from road noise. When the vehicle is moving, the road noise will disturb the fre kuensi is low, so the automatic frequency offered up, "said Afung.

Data from the graph of the RTA also shows mid bass too over-complicate. For it to suggest optimization Afung standard with decreased frequency Hz 62.5 kan on-1dB frequency offered up 400Hz, + 3 dB, 6.3 KHz frequency offered up + 2dB, and frequency of 16KHz offered up 5dB. Position the tweeter less good according to its position inasmuch as Afung away from the driver's ear. "Should the voice over will be more tasty if a pair of tweeters placed on A pillar, parallel to the ear," he continued.

Even so, the contour dash board and its depth ter bi lang is very good for the development of sound quality (SQ) 3-way. If consumers want to upgrade custom audio then the contours of that sort would be helpful. For optimization, the most basic things done is add a pair of reducer on the door trim.

The next step is to add the active subwoofer slim eight inches that could directly connect de ngan HU. Then if less satisfied, consumers can do the replacement of the front speaker amplifier plus additions ngan de external processor. Or if you want a more practical, Afung suggested adding a processor already built in amplifiers with funds ranging from Usd 3 millions.

That's about Tips To Optimize Your Audio Device Honda HR-V. Thank you.

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