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7 Steps in Order not to Complicate the Process of Changing Tires

7 Steps in Order not to Complicate the Process of Changing Tires - As one form of his attention to female customers, Toyota released the Guide tips how to replace car tires that are offered special womenfolk. The goal of just one, so that the machining process turn the tires not so damning womenfolk.

7 Steps in Order not to Complicate the Process of Changing Tires
Here are 7 steps in order not to complicate the process of changing tires:

You have to remember if in driving the car sometimes sudden sway, one of the tires burst or deflated. When knowing the situation, immediately pull over and Park the car in a safe place and flat. Then immediately secure car parking brake pull way in order not to advance on its own.

Chock the tires of the car with hard objects (stones and wood) if it is on the rise. When circumstances too steep could car parked diagonally. Don't forget to turn on the lamp and hazard safety triangle pairs a few meters behind the car. To maintain a safe distance at the same time notify the other riders who pass that your car is being problematic.

Before handling the equipment, wear gloves if necessary to keep the hand skin smoothness. Better if you also read the manual guide book in advance to know what kind of equipment is needed and place the equipment in a car. In general the equipment is available i.e., spare tire, Jack, and lock the wheels.

Prepare all flat and in place within easy reach. If it is not able to lift the spare tire enough slide, driven or rotated. Then open the wheel cover if present. Loosen the bolt of the wheel, rotate the bolt using the wheel lock counterclockwise, if too hard or heavy can use foot stepped on a key way to loosen the bolt.

After bolt bolt loose, plug the Jack of the car. Position the Jack in place that have been determined in accordance with the manual of travel guidebooks in order not to damage the car. Jack the car up to the raised wheel with a height that allows removing and installing the tires. After the wheel lifted, remove all of the bolts and drop the bolt above the wheel in place securely and easily affordable.

If all the bolts already regardless, car tyres can be pulled for removable. For women, the occasional car tire pretty heavy, if difficulty can ask for the help of others. Then put the ban that was already removed in place and secure. By the way, could also ban enough slide, driven or in a roll. Attach the spare tire in the right position, then reinstall bolt bolt wheels are aligned. No need to worry if the bolt has not been mounted with powerful, can be tightened after the Jack lowered.

Lower the Jack slowly until the wheels touch the ground. Tighten the bolts with the wheel rotate it clockwise using the crossing pattern. Make sure the tire is mounted with powerful. If it is still less toned could pressure using the feet. Put the damaged tires and equipment into place, the latter soon check back before entering into the car.

That's about 7 Steps in Order not to Complicate the Process of Changing Tires. Thank you

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